FAQs - Gracia Skin Care


All of our products are 100% Paraben-free. At GRACIA COSMETICS, we use natural preservatives that keep our products germ-free and fresh all time.

Our botanical products are free from toxic chemicals like phthalates. Due to the rising risks of phthalates, we use natural alternatives to formulate our skin and hair care products.

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In case, if you find any defect in our product, Feel free to WhatsApp us at (0300) 1723746

GRACIA is Pakistan’s Finest Skin Care offering organic skin, and hair care products range, easily made available on our website and in leading pharmacies nationwide.

All the private details shared by customers are fully encrypted.

Our skin and hair care products are cruelty-free. GRACIA COSMETICS truly focuses on manufacturing botanical products that are healthier and less or non-reactive to sensitive skin

Mfg. Date (Manufacturing Date): The date on which the product manufactures.

Exp. Date (Expiry Date): The date after which the cosmetic product is no longer usable.

Open Jar Symbol: Look for this with a number followed by the letter M on items that do not have an expiry date on the box that indicates when the product gets opened, then after how many months the product remains usable.

  • 6M indicates that the product is applicable till six months after its opening.
  • 12M suggests that the product is applicable till twelve months after its opening.

We at GRACIA COSMETICS sell certified organic skin and hair care products. To formulate our products, we use cruelty-free FDA-approved ingredients.

The highly qualified team at GRACIA strictly follows the production guidelines of GMP and ISO international standards to manufacture skin and hair-friendly products.

We also qualified for DRAP Certification. The products we manufacture at GRACIA COSMETICS meet specific quality standards that ensure safety and effectiveness for every user.

To become a distributor for GRACIA or acquire products for retail business, feel free to contact us at (0300) 1723746.

Our GRACIA Products are widely available in all leading Pharmacies Nationwide.

We neither refund nor exchange any of the delivered products.

We offer discounts occasionally.

GRACIA offers skin and hair care solutions at highly reasonable prices so that every individual gets all the benefits of our natural skin and hair care products. Our natural organic products are cruelty-free and formulated with skin-friendly ingredients free of Sulphates, Phthalates, Parabens, Steroids, etc. Let us build confidence in the skin you are in!

We facilitate the shipping of our skin and hair care products globally.

We require 100% advance payment to fulfill products shipment internationally.

If you face any difficulty during order placement, Whatsapp us at (0300) 1723746.

For order delivery, it usually takes 3-5 working days.

Our GRACIA plant at Kot LakhPat Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate, Lahore, is designated for manufacturing skin and hair care products.